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DUI Crash Series — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
DUIs and DWI's (or DWAI's) are charges that bring many good people into contact with the Criminal Justice system for the first time. As such, these proceedings may be downright scary. There are long-term consequences including two years of probation, jail time, high fines, community service and lengthy, time-consuming classes. The high cost of insurance premiums and the loss of your driving privilege require that you take steps necessary to help minimize the consequences of an unfortunate decision. Many DUI cases are relatively straightforward but until the discovery is reviewed and evidence gathered no one should take it for granted about the outcome of these cases.
A DUI case also necessitates proceedings before the Department of Motor Vehicles. These in themselves are frustrating proceedings that uninformed persons can unwittingly subject themselves unnecessary expenses and loss of driving privileges. Peter A. Garin can keep you informed on your rights and best decisions through this confusing and overwhelming process. Call our offices today!

Tickets / Traffic Citations

Ticket  tickets citation — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Traffic tickets can breakdown on different levels to include simple traffic infractions to major traffic offenses or traffic misdemeanors. Simple speeding tickets and similar offenses can many times be handled by a party by meeting with the City Attorney to address the infractions. But many traffic infractions, if left unresolved, have consequences beyond the mere accumulation of points to take away the privilege to drive in Colorado. When in doubt it is always best to speak with an attorney. Call us to discuss your traffic citation today.

Major traffic offenses

Traffic Offense — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Major traffic offenses include those offenses such as DUI, Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), Reckless Driving, and Leaving the Scene of an Accident or Driving Under -Suspension (Revocation). Such major traffic offenses require the assistance of an experienced attorney to deal with the District Attorney's Office right from the beginning. These offenses can lead to suspension of your driving privileges for multiple years and other heavy consequences. Peter A. Garin will help you to minimize or avoid these consequences altogether.