Outstanding Results!!! Incredibly Reasonable!!! Peter was highly knowledgeable and impressed me with his ability to resolve my divorce issue quickly and cost effective. If you are looking for results, Peter delivers. He gives exceptional client care and vast knowledge to handle a variety of situations that arise. Excellent job, definitely recommend. By Heidi 01/22/17

Peter Garin is a Great Lawyer and an Honest Man!! I have been involved in a horrific case for years with the single goal of protecting my children. Peter Garin actually learned my case, studied every angle, and used his years of experience and excellent moral character to protect my children and I. I highly recommend Peter Garin to anyone who demands a talented, honest and caring family attorney! 01/08/16

He solved my problem quickly I fought with a credit card company for over a year. It took 1 phone call and 15 minutes for Peter Garin to solve my problem. 11/12/15

Peter helped me realize that I had rights and options when it came to my Divorce, let me tell you I really thought I had no one to help my complicated case. I was literally sick. Peter was referred to me by a friend. In one consultation he gave me more information than any other attorney I consulted with. Peter was extremely patient with me and my fears and answered every time I called and still gave me advise. I feel Peter really understood me and my unique situation and helped me through it. Just knowing Peter was there and on my side gave me the support I need. I read his other reviews and I will say, Peter is impressive and with him behind you, he will deliver what he says he can. Thank you Peter! By Laura 11/11/15

I highly recommend Peter Garin as an outstanding attorney should you be seeking legal assistance for criminal, juvenile or family purposes. I sought his professional guidance and expertise in 2012-13 to protect our financial assets during my husband's perplexing medical crisis. Peter was there 24/7 providing the knowledge, compassion, concern and legal expertise needed. Thankfully, my case didn't result in divorce, but I was secure and protected during the turmoil endured. I can 'GARIN-tee' you will be extremely satisfied with him representing you, family or friends. Nancy W 09/30/15

After 7 long months of fighting with CPS to get custody of my grand child, I decided I needed to hire an Attorney. I called several attorneys in the Colorado area and no one will willing to help until I called Peter. Peter agreed to take my case. I sent him pictures and forward all e-mail I received from CPS. I hired him on a Wednesday, that Friday he went to court and that afternoon he called me and said I could pick my grand baby up on Wednesday! I was so excited! Even though the case was closed since he did his job, he continued to stay in touch with me to see how everything was going. To all grandparents seeking visitation, custody, don't give up and call Peter he will get the job done! By Happy In Indiana 08/25/15

My wife and I hired Peter to assist with obtaining Grandparent visitation rights for our grandchildren. Not only did he provide us with excellent service during a messy situation, he also provided step by step guidance when we sought full custody. Our Grandchildren are safe and happy now, and all I can say is "Thank you, Peter!" By Alan 08/27/15

I was walking in an unhappy husband, and worried father. I ended up single (happy) father. Peter took the time to explain in details that made me comfortable. Peter took me thru all my options and helped me see all the angles I had. Peters professionalism in the court room was unmistakable. Peter fought a hard fight and won the battle, in the end, I will say if you need a damn good attorney, then Peter is the man. Thank you 06/15/14

I retained Peter during a very stressful time in my life. My children where in an abusive situation and I didn't know where to start or how to cope. He made a very emotional situation seem more bearable. When it comes to your children you need the best Attorney to take things on with full force and get results. His actions protected my children under very bad circumstances. The results have changed mine and my children's lives for years to come. I would highly recommend him.needed some help with my children and a very. By Jean W 02/26/13

Glad he was on MY side! Tenacious, tough, and very thorough. He researched our case, understood what our options were, and helped us obtain the very best outcome possible. He was straightforward with us, and we never felt 'in the dark' over any of the proceedings. Recommend highly! By Don 01/04/10

He did my DUI for far less than other attorneys quoted me. He helped me keep my license and explained everything so well I knew what was happening and when.07/25/09

Best lawyer EVER. He is a LAWYER in every way! He is professional in court, an excellent negotiator, gets things done on time and has great customer service!!! 01/04/09