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Juvenile rights

Juvenile rights — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Juvenile rights are similar to the Adults but there are some differences such as when a parent needs to be present for the waiver to be effective, and when government officials can or can't interrogate your child. While these differences may be subtle and, depending on the circumstance of the interrogation, they should not be ignored. Children rights to doctor patient privileges and other releases of information are in a state of flux. It is an area that should best be discussed with an experienced attorney.


Minors in Possession of alcohol — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Minors in Possession of Alcohol are considered petty offenses and can be charged in either Municipal or County Courts. While most are resolved with Deferred Judgments and costs on the first ticket are minimal the Prosecutors will not be that generous the second time. How the first case is handled is critical. If you can get the first case dismissed outright can save that “get of Jail free card” for when you need it. Convictions for these simple cases can keep a young person from Nursing School or the Teacher program at University of Northern Colorado.


Dependency and Neglect — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Dependency and Neglect cases are a unique area of the law encompassing the Juvenile Code. Like Delinquency cases are to criminal cases D&N cases are to custody cases. They have many similarities but significant differences and if you are not aware of them you can affect your rights to your child. The involvement of the Department of Social Services in a family's life is scary and potentially life altering. Peter Garin has been called to take over cases by highly experienced and competent divorce attorneys because of the unique and special rules associated with Dependency and Neglect cases. If at all possible an attorney should be involved from the beginning of the family's involvement wit Social Services to avoid further complications and distress.

Juvenile Delinquency

Deliquency — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Juvenile delinquency cases are similar to criminal cases in which the alleged perpetrator is a person under the age of 18. The most glaring deference is a juvenile who is adjudicated as a delinquent and not convicted of a crime. While most of these cases are resolved in “Juvenile Court” they have the risk of being filed or transferred to adult court when the juvenile offender is under the age of 18. Like Dependency and Neglect cases they are pursued underneath Title 19 of the Colorado Revised State. There are multiple unique rules associated with these proceedings including who is entitled to a jury trial to sentencing ramifications that can affect not only the child but also the parent.
It is possible for a parent of a child who is adjudicated a juvenile delinquent to be required to undergo and perform certain tasks even though they were not present at the time that the child committed the alleged offense. Like all serious criminal charges the sooner an attorney is involved the better the results can be obtained for the family.

Grandparent's Rights

Grandfather and grandchild holding hands — Domestic partnerships in Lakewood, CO
Grandparent's rights can include actions for the allocation of parental responsibility for grandparents who are caring for a child to actions to allow grandparents to visit with her grandchildren when one parent or grandparent will not allow access to the children.