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Misdemeanors (County Court and Municipal Courts)

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The main distinction between Misdemeanors and Felonies are the possible sentences. Misdemeanors maximum sentences range from jail terms up to two years in the County Jail and fines up to $5000. Felony conviction can result in a sentence to the Department of Corrections. A conviction to a simple misdemeanor can impact on your life long after probation is over and fines have been paid. These cases need to be treated seriously and with an attorney from the beginning. Most case can be handled without trial and with only several trips to court. The key to successfully handling these cases is a positive and realistic appraisal to what has happened and the possible consequences. If these cases do go to trial, trials are normally only a day long and the courts push to have the matter resolved quickly. Peter A. Garin can help you navigate the nuances of misdemeanors and county court. If you have been accused of a misdemeanor, call us today.


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Felonies are serious crimes that have a significant effect not only on a person's immediate life but the lifetime of the Defendant. The sooner a person retains an attorney, the better the results can be. Many of these cases begin with attorney meeting with the client in the County Jail before they bond out. Many times the first hearing is to get the client's bond reduced to an amount a family can afford. Felony cases involve possible sentences to the Colorado Department of Corrections (prison) and can range from Habitual Traffic Offenders to First Degree Murder. Let us help you plan a path forward and a powerful defense by calling us today.

Municipal offenses

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Most Municipal offenses are resolved with simple fines and court cost. And while a jail sentence is possible it is very rare. The problem is the effect on a person's education and job opportunities after the fine is paid. Many of these cases are resolved with an attorney working with the client to help the prosecutor understand the whole story of why the Police were called without necessarily going to trial. Municipal offense can be confusing, but with the help of Peter A. Garin's extensive experience and knowledge, we can help you to plan the best way of moving forward after being accused of a municipal offense.

Expunge A Record

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Having a prior conviction on your record can be unfortunate and sometimes these mistakes are ones that we wish we could take back. That is where Peter Garin comes in. He is an experienced attorney who can help try to remove this prior conviction from your record. He has successfully helped many expunge their records so they could move on with their future. He can do the same for you. Give him a call today so he can speak with you about your previous case and help to clear your name. You need a strong advocate in your corner!